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Everyone has a bad moment, it's something in life we

cannot avoid. You might be late for a meeting, or your

boiler might break, or you slip and fall over and don't

know why. It's just part of life. How you deal with

those situations depends on the individual, but the

majority of the time, that individual has complete

control over there reaction.

Autism takes away that control. The same way as when

a ball is thrown at your head, you have no control over

your body flinching. When we on the Spectrum are

most misunderstood is when we have these moments.

It might come out as anger, or tears or in worst cases

violence, but it's never deliberate. I'm not saying that

these emotions are always connected to these

moments, sometimes we can have them for the same

reasons as Neuros.

What I'm saying is don't straight away judge someone

for these emotions just because you don't think the

situation warrants that type of reaction. Something

small and meaningless to a Neuro could feel world

ending to someone on the spectrum. We feel lost in a

forest with no direction and cannot see our way out.

Its scary and people being angry or rude to us, doesn’t

help. Patience and understanding is all we are asking


Let's make a world we can all be happy to live in.

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