Don't presume you know something, open your mind to all


People say to me 'Joe, you don't look autistic'. I say 'I'm sorry, what does Autistic look like?' They look away embarrassed and reply 'lovely weather we are having' My name is Joe and I am Autistic and employed. No I'm not a photographer (though I would like to be) but I am a Security line manager. As of 2016 only 16% of adults with Autism were employed. In my opinion this is because of a lack of understanding of what Autism is. It is a spectrum and though some of us are not able to work, many of us can. If you are an employer, think again when you hear the word AUTISM and remember, it is a superpower not a disability. I hope you like my work because I only started photography in September 2018 and still very much a “novice” but I hope you like the words I put with the images on the way I felt the moment I took the picture ……..
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